If you are an existing client, please login and open a support item in your user console. If your issue requires urgent attention, please call us directly on the support hotline number provided on your user console.


If you have any questions or queries regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact form, and we will call you back to discuss your specific data management needs.


How does the schedule upgrade works?

Every bitfy plan increases in capacity after 36 months from signup or last upgrade. For example, a 1TB plan will increase to 2TB once the third year is reached - all for free!

How fast is the local cloud?

The local cloud is connected via a Gigabit interface, and typical speeds are around 70MB/s when writing large files.

What kind of bandwidth will the local cloud consume?

It depends on what kind of files your business work the most. For a 15 people office doing mostly word documents, remote cloud backups consume around 30-50MB per day.

What if I need more storage?

bitfy allows you to increase the size of your local cloud as your business grow. If your business outgrows the scheduled upgrade, you can easily request more local storage or backup.

Can I use bitfy outside of Australia?

Yes, please check if you have a local bitfy office in your country. If bitfy is not in your country, we can still ship you a fully configured local cloud server to you - that is ready to use after you plug it in.

Can I get bitfy for my home office?

yes, however we recommend bitfy for businesses with more than 3 employees.

Do you offer SSD solutions?

Yes, for applications that traditional hard drives are not reliable (e.g. Industrial areas with high vibration, electromagnetic noise etc) bitfy can provide full SSD solutions. The pricing is the same with the standard plans, however a set up fee will be charged based on the capacity required.

What is the best plan for my business?

Please contact us using our contact page, and we will contact you to discuss your storage needs and identify the best plan for your business.