bitfy Features

Scheduled Upgrade

All bitfy plans increase in capacity every 36 months to follow your growth. That means that a 1TB plan will increase to 2TB after 3 years with us.

Local Cloud

bitfy provides a local cloud powered by state of the art NAS infrastructure. The local cloud is deployed and administered by bitfy to ensure your data is always available.

Offsite Backups

All bitfy plans include daily offsite backups to keep your business data secure. Additional backup capacity can be added at anytime as an addon service.

Daily Snapshots

Daily snapshots provide a copy of the exact contents of all files during the last 15 to 60 days, allowing the recovery of files that were overwritten or edited by accident.

Access Control

With bitfy, each user receives a password protected folder where sensitive data can be stored without being shared with the rest of the organisation.

Flexible Setup

bitfy services can be set up outside of business hours to provide minimal impact on business operations. Depending on your location we can also ship a ready to go local cloud.

Even more features

Disaster Prevention

bitfy ensures that your business data is securely replicated in multiple locations thus reducing the risk of data disasters.

Super Fast Data

All bitfy plans include a local cloud powered by a Gigabit NAS device. This ensures very fast read and write speeds across the office.

Available Everywhere

Any business connected to the internet can use bitfy to manage its data. Just plug bitfy's local cloud into your network, run our automated setup and you are ready to go.

Fully Customisable

All bitfy plans are fully customisable. Choose the size of your local cloud, remote backup and number of users that best suits your business with the click of a button.


Local Cloud

bitfy's local cloud infrastructure is built on state of the art NAS devices. All NAS devices are configured and tested before deployment. Each local cloud device comes with Gigabit connectivity, RAID 1 or RAID 5 mirroring and more.

All data is mirrored on multiple hard drives to ensure that business remain unaffected by hardware failures and other common data storage issues. In the case of a drive failure, bitfy will replace the affected drive without causing service interruptions.

Offsite Cloud Backup

In order to protect your business data from natural accidents, theft and ill intentioned employees, bitfy maintains an offsite cloud backup of your data.

Data is maintained in bitfy's secure datacentre in self healing mirrored RAID instances. This ensures that your data will alaways be mirrored across at least 4 hard drives at any time.

In the case of a disaster, bitfy can deploy a full copy of your backup into an external hard drive ready for data repopulation.

Free Repairs

bitfy will monitor and replace all faulty items for free All bitfy plans include free hardware monitoring and replacement. If a hard drive fails prematurely, bitfy will have the drive replaced.

All hardware provided by bitfy, ranging from our local cloud to individual networking cables come with a full replacement warranty during the whole contract period.

Continuous Monitoring

Your local cloud is continually monitored for performance issues, faults and errors. Once the system detects an error, a bitfy technician is notified with the details. Once the issue is analysed, proper measures are taken to resolve the issue.

The remote cloud backup is also constantly monitored for update failures, data errors, inconsistencies and corrupt files.